Good Faith Estimate of Services

Federal Law requires the posting below for your protection: 

The No Surprises Act requires ALL licensed health care providers and facilities provide uninsured (or self-pay) individuals an estimate for the cost of their health care. This may be done when scheduling the service or during treatment. This in known as a Good Faith Estimate or (GFE).

If consumers have questions about the cost of items or services, their provider must inform them in writing or orally about the estimated cost in good faith.  This is not a contract.  The diagnosis and procedure code will be provided as well upon request. 

Disclaimer: this Good Faith Estimate is a reasonable expected service for your health care based on the information provided at the time.  Unexpected services and items may arise during treatment.   Treatment plans may change.  At any time, an updated estimate must be provided, again, in writing or orally based on your request.

You have the right to dispute charges and bills if the amount exceeds $400 of the estimated amount.   For these reasons it is suggested you keep a copy of the estimate provided.  

We are providing more details and patient's rights under this law in the link below. We are happy to answer any questions as well. 


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