Sports Chiropracitc Rehab

Dr Knapp has completed his ACRB LEVEL 1 training for chiropractic rehabilitation .   He is one of 12 chiropractors in Florida registered with ACRB. The  American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board (ACRB®) is a professional organization dedicated to providing continuing education and training for Chiropractors who wish to offer their patients evidence-based rehabilitation techniques. Helping patients attain their best level of health and mobility is a constant goal, and they do that with the training offered through the ACRB®. Combining the science of Chiropractic with Rehabilitation has been proven to help patients feel better and live more active lives!

The ACRB was formed in November of 1995. As a professional organization, the ACRB is devoted to constantly improving the education and training of Chiropractors through a process designed to assure the physician and their patients of a specific standard of excellence.

Through the past 35 years practicing in Sarasota Dr. Knapp has served as the sports team doctor for the YMCA Sharks Swim Team, and the YMCA Gymnastic Team.  As well as volleyball and baseball programs. Dr. Knapp has trained and participated in triathlons.   He is a cyclist and paddle boarder.  Working with young athletes is a passion.  He has enjoys working with older athletes and helping adjust work out programs to fit any athletic needs.

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